Did you learn about the next generation Internet of Things (IOT)?

                                                     Internet of things is one of the most important technologies of everyday life basically used for connecting devices from anywhere to internet for the purpose of data sharing with the computers, smartphones in the form of digital transformation as the technologies and generation been upgraded. The main aim of these things or items is to exchange information between them and transmit data to other devices and systems and they can usually also received data. The Internet of Things (IoT)   have a ubiquitous existence now such as   features like augmented reality, high-resolution video streaming, self-driven cars, smart environment, e-health care, etc. These utilization require higher data-rates, large bandwidth, increased capacity, low latency and high throughput. In light of these emerging concepts for the next generation of 5G-IOT with the best pros as follows New Enhanced Services Cost reduction Proactive maintenance Utilizatio

How does the Artificial Neural Networks works?

                                                         An artificial neural network is the foundation of artificial intelligence. It is used for solving problems that are impossible for humans and perform a specific task that improves self-learning capabilities. It is designed by a computing system to simulate the way the human brain analyses and are characterized by containing adaptive weights along paths between neurons that learn from observed data to upgrade the model by using different algorithms Neural networks , a beautiful biologically-inspired programming paradigm that permits a computer to learn from observational data and overcomes many problems such as image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing. The human brain is abnormally complex and quite literally almost powerful computing machine known. The inner-workings of the human brain are often around the approach of neurons and the networks of neurons which is called biological neural networks

How Artificial Intelligence leads to great future in Music?

                                                                    If you look at today’s Artificial Intelligence application in the Music, you will note that AI is the mainly upgraded with many protocols and through reinforcement learning to create a pattern for the music stream. Now it's time to consider how much it will influence to consume music. AI has become an answer to a simple demand, more music is needed than ever with the development of using different protocols and AI tools like audio mastering, tuning, and streaming the music. Maybe it heavily impacts the creative process of any musician; the future may demand musicians to have in-depth technical knowledge of neurosciences . The future of AI in the music industry with robots and humans evolve the musical creation, consumption will have high performance which is seemed to think that, AI could one day replace musicians and day by day the technology will be improved for better experience in the music. Technologies